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It is the mission of the Quincy Housing Authority to enhance the City of Quincy community by creating and sustaining safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing environments for people of low income.

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Applying for public housing is simple. Click on one of the links below.

Quincy Housing News

Quincy Housing News


Quincy Housing Authority Now Managing Marshfield & Hingham Public Housing

As recognized as a high performing agency,  Quincy Housing Authority (QHA) was asked to take over management of 2 additional Housing Authorities, Hingham and Marshfield.

QHA has been managing these two authorities for several months and have made much needed dramatic improvements. QHA is proud of these collaborative agreements and continue to improve quality of living for the residents at  Marshfield and Hingham Housing Authorities.

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I used to be homeless living out of my car and am so grateful living at to be one of Quincy Housing Authorities properties. I have been a resident for 30 years and love it here! The property is well maintained, the maintenance staff fixes reported issues very quickly. The staff is great! There is bingo on Sundays in the building as well as social events and cookouts in the summer. Thankful to be living in Quincy Housing.
Since joining the ROSS program in 2018 I went from unemployed to employed and raised my credit score 100 points! I have attended many helpful hard and soft skills programs at support services. I cannot say enough about all of these helpful programs available to federal families. Quincy Housing is a great place to live.

Employee of the Quarter

Tommy Gorman

Tommy is one of QHA’s talented plumbers who works to repair, replace or upgrade the plumbing and HV/AC needs of the Authority. From planning, laying out and installing new laundry rooms to maintaining the day-to-day plumbing challenges, Tommy is always there day or night with a smile on his face to do the job at hand.

Tommy joined QHA in 2001 as a Master Plumber and has been a tremendous asset to the team for the past 19 years. It is an honor to extend Employee of the Quarter to a dedicated, hard–working professional!

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